Women’s Golf Gift Guide

Women’s Golf Gift Guide

Hi guest writer here, Liz. Colton wanted to do a women’s golf gift guide to accompany the one he put out for men and asked me to curate the list – instead I just decided it would be easier to write my own. I have been golfing with my dad ever since I was a little girl and although I did play in school, golf is pretty casual for me now. I just play to get outside and have a good time with friends. Since pretty much all of these friends are expecting something for Christmas from me, I thought I would just share what I’ve had my eye on.

Corkcicle Canteen

I’ve already bought this canteen by Corkcicle on 4 separate occasions.

It comes in an array of beautiful colors (I also love this matte, navy one) and I like the unique shape.

It doesn’t quite live up to the YETI standards of keeping ice in your drink for the next month in the Sahara, but it keeps my drink cold for 18 holes in the Houston summer – that’s about all I need.

These come in 9, 16, 25, and 60 ounces. I find that the 25 ounce is the perfect size – not absurdly large and will last you an entire round if you fill it up (it’s also the perfect size to fit an entire bottle of wine).


ECCO Women’s Casual Hybrid Sport Golf Shoe

I was so excited when I found these.

Any woman that plays golf knows that there are not very many cute golf shoes out there.

With the athleisure trend being really big this year, I expected to see more of this rolling into the golf shoe realm. I couldn’t find anything until I came across these.

These metallic beauties are great quality, comfortable, and waterproof. They’re also great for traveling since you only need to pack one pair of casual shoes!

DiBoBo High-Density Foam Roller

I had a brief weight lifting phase when I was younger, so foam rollers are not something new to me. But I am so excited that I’ve been seeing them used in other sports.

They’re great for any muscular pain that you may be feeling and honestly feel amazing.

I’m 23, in good health, and use mine ALL the time. Don’t feel like this is just for people with bad backs.

I don’t know if I buy into the patented, deep muscle, trigger point massage therapy, $80 rollers that you see out there. So I just found this one.


It’s a cute color and at a super reasonable price point. Great for a stocking stuffer – except that it won’t likely fit in a stocking.




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