Types of Golf Bags

Types of Golf Bags

Why is a Golf Bag important?

My quest is to improve mine and your golf games, and at first something like a bag may seem like simply a way to transport your clubs from A to B.  Depending on your style of golf, it is much more than this.  Finding the best golf bag can do wonders for the aesthetics and performance of your game.  Something as simple as a well placed pocket, or efficient club order can reduce stress and help optimize every shot you take.  Golf is a mental game. Feeling good about the aesthetics of your golf goods can help you focus on what really matters: putting the ball in the hole.  I have found that finding the ideal golf bag, at whatever price range, can improve my game in ways that I had not considered before.  I have taken my insatiable desire to up my game and translated it into easy to understand reviews for the best golf bags that can help others as well.  The next question we have to ask is what are the different golf bag types and what are they for? 

The single most important factor in searching for the the golf bag type that will best suite your needs is how you plan on travelling on the golf course.  There are great golf bags in every category but if it does not work for your style of golf then it isn’t much use.  I’ll quickly go over the reasoning behind each category so feel free to read along if you would like.  Otherwise, if you already know roughly what kind of bag you need, I have written some reviews on what I believe are currently the best bags to advance your game.

  • Staff Bags/Cart Bags
  • Stand Bags
  • Carry Bags

Staff Bags & Cart Bags

Golf Bag Types

Staff Bags and Cart bags are both designed to be carried in the back of a motorized golf cart.  All of the pockets, storage areas, and club slots are designed to be accessed easily while the bag is on the back of a golf cart.  A rubberized bottom helps ensure that the golf bag will not slip off of the cart when it is in motion.  Where the staff bag and cart bag differ is in the weight and essentially, price.  Staff bags are the most expensive bags available and are targeted at the pros or serious golfers.  They are heavier, because hey, a caddy will carry it for them anyways.  The branding is also usually displayed a bit more aggressively as well.  Between the two, I would usually recommend a solid cart bag to most golfers unless weight and price are of no concern.  Expect a staff bag to weigh in around 10 pounds and their lighter brothers the cart bag to be around 6-7 pounds.

Stand Bags

Actually a type of carry bag, the stand bag is Types of Golf Bagnamed so for obvious reasons.  They provide two retractable legs that easily deploy whenever you place your bag on the ground.  Generally, these bags are designed for a golfer that plans to walk the course. It is possible to use them in a golf cart as well but don’t assume all of the pockets and storage areas will be 100% accessible when the bag is strapped in.  Another common feature of the stand bag is a backpack-style shoulder strap that distributes the weight of the bag more evenly across your back as you walk.  Expect a stand bag to weigh in around 5 pounds.  

Carry Bags

Types of Golf Bag

Broadly speaking, the carry bag is a golf bag that is designed to be carried by a golfer walking the course.  They can also be thought of as stand bags without the stands.  Carry bags are composed of ultra-lightweight material and limited storage space to cut down on weight.  Don’t expect the plethora of zippers and cavernous pockets that you might find on a heavier cart bag.  I would only recommend these to more athletic, minimalist golfers who plan on almost exclusively walking their favorite courses.  Expect a carry bag to weigh in around 2 pounds.  Nice!

Happy Golfing 🙂

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