The Longest Fairway Scholarship

As a recent college graduate, college applications, SAT scores, and scholarships are crisp in my memory. It is a stressful time and not everyone is as privileged as I was in receiving a lot of support at home to make it all happen. Meanwhile, student loan debt has snowballed in recent years.  The average student in the Class of 2016 has $37,172 in student loan debt.  This is a national problem with no real end in sight.

Of course I am just one passionate blogger and golfer and can’t solve this problem, but I feel like it’s everyone’s job to help contribute what they can to the issues they feel strongly about.  Over the past few years of my post-college employment, I have experienced success that I am proud of. Much of this success can be traced back to having the resources and knowledge to make the right decisions around my education.

I am creating the Scholarship as a means to give back to the golf community and students in general, but my followers are only a small fraction of those that need help.

I am opening the applications to anyone that has a passion for improving the sport of golf and improving themselves through their education.

I will start the scholarship at $500 per year and increase as the years go by.


  1. How have sports like golf helped you grow as a person?
  2. What lessons can you apply from golf to your education?
  3. What do you plan on doing with your major of choice?

Please choose one of the above topics for your essay.  Email your submission to to apply.  Try and keep the essay relatively short to 1000-1500 words.


The scholarship is open to all students interested in improving the sport of golf and their own education.  I am looking for individuals that are in need of assistance but also have the drive to take their education into their own hands.  Also, please provide proof of enrollment in a 4 year college or university in the United States and follow all local and federal laws and regulations.

Good luck to all applicants with their endeavors.  Feel free to email me with any questions or advice you might need.


I will be deciding on a winner every summer to coincide with university schedules.  The deadline will be each March 31st.



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