Men’s Golf Gift Guide

Men’s Golf Gift Guide

I look forward to Christmas every year and so do all of my friends and family due to my prized ability to give the best gifts.

Being such an avid golfer, it turns out a lot of my friends and family golf as well. So in my search for the perfect gifts, I thought I would share some of my ideas.

Since some of these are apparel related, I am focusing on just the best men’s golf gift ideas of 2017.

1) The Ultimate Gift

Now I say that a rangefinder is the ultimate golf lover gift mostly becBest Golf Rangefindersause I find a lot of people don’t know how much they want one until they get their hands on one.

I know we discussed rangefinders a bit earlier in the year, but this rangefinder would be a perfect gift at a decent price range and high quality.

It’s a fun, easy to use, gadget that improves your golf game – as simple as that.


2) For the Stylish Golfer

Even though I find myself pushing the boundaries of ‘young’, I still like to look like it even when I am on the course.

I find that most golf shirts are typically pretty baggy, and while I might be approaching the ‘dad bod’ look faster than I would like to admit, I still try very hard to keep a younger physique and haven’t fully given into the baggy shirt look quite yet.

Redvanly makes great fitting, incredibly comfortable, sweat absorbing golf shirts that I’m not afraid to go out after a round in – all I wish is that I had a few more. This would be perfect for an SO, dad, friend, or – really anyone.


3) For the Gadget Lover

This little gadget really is a game changer.

I suffer from fairly inconsistent swings when using a driver and the Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer really helps me get the feel for things when I have not played a game in a couple of weeks.

It tells me my club speed, club plane, tempo, backswing length and more. And even better, I can use it for all of my clubs with no hassle since it fits right on my glove.


4) For the Messy Golfer

Let’s face it; I stuck my golf bag in the corner of my living room right next to my couch for all of college. While in college, it was a great segway into meeting new buddies to go to the range with but, now it’s just tacky.

As much as I hope I am the only one that did this, I know I’m not. This golf organizer now sits in my house keeping my things in one place and my guests from judging me.

It has been sturdy through the past few years and fits my shoes, bag, gadgets, etc. without spilling into my living space, and even though I don’t have an eye for that sort of thing, I think it looks pretty good.



5) For the Golfer that Would Rather Forget His Bad Swings

I know I can always use a cold one when out on the course. Unfortunately, I live in Houston, Texas and the ‘cold ones’ are not necessarily cold once I reach the second hole.

This trusty cooler has kept me on a roll through 18 holes.

Tip: The description says 6 cans, but it’s a tight squeeze. I usually only stuff 5 in and then if I’m feeling like it’s going to be a long game or I know I’m going to share, I drink the other ones first.


6) Stocking Stuffer for Any Golfer

I know everyone gets socks for stocking stuffers – these were actually a stocking stuffer for me last year – but the older I get, the more I appreciate a good pair of socks.

While I found myself bringing these socks into my regular golfing rotation, I couldn’t really pinpoint why I loved them so much until I found myself in the market for some more pairs.

Kentwool has honestly tried and succeeded at creating the perfect sock.

Their socks are 75% wool (which helps with the smell), they are padded in all of the right places, and if you opt for the compression socks , they are specifically designed to increase blood flow.



So that just about wraps up my list, but if you want any more suggestions hit me up on my contact page or in the comment section and we’ll figure something out!

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