Best Golf Push Cart

Best Golf Push Cart

I like to make golf as active a sport as I can.  A golf push cart can be a great way to stay mobile and enjoy the active side of golf as much as possible.  When the course allows for it, I am a big fan of using them.  As a personal endeavor, I decided to publish what I found in my own search for the best golf push cart.

Golf Push Cart or Pull Cart?

First a quick explanation.  This may seem obvious at first but I think an important point is the difference between push and pull carts.  The main difference between the products besides the obvious push one and pull the other is the number of wheels.  The classic pull cart is two-wheeled while the newer golf push carts are three or sometimes even four wheeled.  The additional wheels allow the carts to be pushed.  Pushing is less strenuous on the shoulders.  Shoulders better suited for your golf swing than lugging a cart around.  So, the popularity of the push carts has surged in recent years.  Let’s get into the product reviews and find the best golf push cart for any golfer.

Like most of my reviews, I am here to keep things simple for you.  I have already done the work, tried out the products, and am here to distill the information and make your purchase decision easy.

Equipment NameWeightWheelsFolded Dimension 
Clicgear 3.5+18313” x 15” x 24”
CadyTek EZ-Fold Push Cart18.4313.2" x 12.4"L x 32.8"
Bag Boy Quad XL18.5416" x 17" x 24"

Clicgear 3.5+ Best Golf Push Cart – Overall

Best Golf Push Cart
Clicgear has been a golf push cart favorite for many years. If you are familiar with the older 3.0 model, the Clicgear 3.5+ has a few solid improvements over its predecessor and is still packed with features.  The established brand also allows for a whole family of accessories that have sprung up around it which I am a big fan of.  Nothing better than your beer still being cold after several holes of golf.   A feature rich model, and the new lower price make this my top pick.  It is, however, one of the more expensive golf push carts that I have used so it may not be for everyone.

Best Push Cart Features & Accessories

Clicgear has been around for years, plenty of time to pack as many features as possible into their push carts.  The 3.5+ boasts an upgraded brake mechanism, easy-clip straps, a full storage console, an umbrella holder bracket, a new cupholder and spacious storage net.  A price drop from the earlier model and 8 more colors  too.

The brake mechanism worked well and just as I expected.  The lever is located just under the push handle.  The motion of pulling the brake is natural as your hand comes off the cart.  No complaints there.  The straps also do their job well, I never worried about my golf bag being secure.  The easy-clip mechanism allows you to easily engage and disengage the bag when needed.  Storage is addressed by the magnetic-lidded console that has plenty of room for my personal items; keys, wallet, phone, and golf balls.  For any extra storage needs the cavernous net on the outside of the cart is more than enough to stow head covers or anything else you see fit.

Best Golf Push Cart
Clicgear Cooler Tube

The longevity of the brand has allowed a wide array of accessories to develop for Clicgear products.  These accessories are one of my favorite reasons for owning a Clicgear golf push cart.  There are too many to list here but I will mention some of my favorites and the fact that pretty much any Clicgear accessory will work with the 3.5+.  Its pretty cool to be able to pop one of my old 3.0 accessories on the 3.5+ and have it work no problem.  If you have read my article on laser rangefinders, you might guess my favorite so far has been the rangefinder clip.  Not to forget the cooler tube or bag that work even in the Texas heat.

Build Quality

One of the major strengths of the Clicgear 3.5+ is the build quality and style.  One of the heavier models, it feels very solid and well made from the handle and brake to the straps and body itself.  Similar to previous models, the 3.5+ should last through many great years.  Displaying an impressive array of colors, choose from: white/white, white/lime green, white/pink, charcoal/yellow, charcoal/orange, charcoal/black, and gray/black.  One downside to the high build quality of this push cart is it sacrifices a little on maneuverability due to its higher weight.

When folded, this cart packs into a slightly unwieldy cube which is something to consider if you have limited trunk space.  The unfolding and folding process is also slightly unintuitive.  Likely why there are videos on Clicgear’s site explaining.  I will let them show you instead of trying to describe.


Overall, the Clicgear 3.5+ is a well made product with great brand support and a dizzying array of features.  The superb build quality ensures a long lasting purchase.  The added weight does sacrifice some maneuverability and requires a good amount of trunk space to transport, even when folded.  You do get what you pay for though and the 3.5+ is at the higher end of our price spectrum.  As long as you know what to expect, you will not be disappointed.

CaddyTek EZ-Fold – Best Golf Push Cart

Best Golf Push Cart

If you wants to get the most bang for your buck, look no further.  The CaddyTek EZ-Fold golf push cart boasts great features, functionality and maneuverability  at a low price.  I would recommend this cart to a buddy that doesn’t want to shell out too much cash for any new golf gadgets.  Another plus of the EZ-fold is that many of the features that come as add-on’s to other carts (looking at you Clicgear), come stock on the CaddyTek.


As I mentioned before, the CaddyTek EZ-fold is no stranger to features.  The aluminum frame is sturdy but still relatively light-weight.  The brake pedal moves to a convenient foot-accessible location for the CaddyTek. Three maintenance-free wheels maneuver easily in most golf terrain.  Everything works as you would hope.  Where the EZ-fold really shines, in my opinion, is the built in cooler, storage rack and umbrella holder.  The cooler may not be as large as the add-on for the Clicgear, but it will hold a couple of beers/waters or whatever you choose.  Other personal items I had no problem storing.  These you would normally see as add-on’s on other brands.

Best Golf Push Cart

Conclusion – Best Value Golf Push Cart

A joke i have made on occasion is that this may be EZ to fold but it is not EZ to unfold.  I have struggled on more than one occasion to unfold the cart, as it always seems to get caught on something.  Not a dealbreaker but a little annoying.  Overall, the CaddyTek is an easy choice for value in searching for the best golf push cart.  It has many of the features a golfer expects, at a lower price.  There isn’t much else to it.

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart – Best Golf Push Cart

Best Golf Push Cart

The decision to go with a three wheeled cart vs a four wheeled cart comes down to physics and a few simple preferences.  There are differences between the two related to maneuverability.  The four wheeled cart will be a bit more sturdy than its three wheeled cousins.  However, the three wheeled push cart will be a bit faster and easier to maneuver.  Basic stuff.  One thing that may not be intuitive is that the four wheeled carts actually fold up to a smaller dimension.  My friend owns the Bag Boy Quad XL and it actually takes up less trunk space when folded than my CaddyTek.

Features & Push Cart Options

Rest assured, a product cant make it onto my list without being chock full of desirable features.  The Quad XL’s lightweight aluminum frame boasts great stability while still being lightweight.  It feels different pushing around the course than a three wheeled push cart.  Again, this difference comes down to preference, I would suggest trying them out and seeing which feels better.  The Quad XL comes with great storage capacity; fitting a few golf balls, gloves and a couple other small personal items.  Not quite as spacious as the Clicgear but adequate.  One unique feature of the Quad XL that I am partial to is the cup holder, a convenient place to store your beverage between shots.  There is also a specific phone slot that fit my iPhone flawlessly.  The Quad XL is a well thought-out and designed cart, from the handle-mounted brake lever to the deep storage bag.

Bag Boy offers several colors to choose from.  Customize with Matte Black/Silver Accent, Matte Black/Red, Battleship Gray/Lime, White/Yellow Accent, Silver/Black, Matte Black/Yellow, Battleship Gray/Black Fade, Navy/Red.

Best Golf Push Cart
Bagboy Carry Bag

The Quad XL does not have quite the array of accessory options as Clicgear products but there are some.  My favorites include the carry bag and the cart seat for the more comfort-inclined among us.  The carry bag offers an easy solution to stow away the cart after a long day of golf and the dirt and grass that accumulates on the wheels.

Conclusion – Best Four-Wheeled Golf Push Cart

If you seek the stability that a four-wheeled cart offers, look no further.  The Quad XL offers the quality and features of other carts but in a slightly different package.  Solid brand support, high quality, customizability and storage space establish the Quad XL  in the search for the best golf push cart on the market.  I would suggest testing a three-wheeled and a four wheeled cart before making any decisions. Once you decide on that fourth wheel, look no further than the Bag Boy Quad XL.

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